TestHut - Taking the guesswork out of buying since 2021

Who are we

We are a team of professional writers, developers and product testers who have worked together to build a website that will guide you to make the best decisions when spending your hard earned money on a product.


Like anyone, we are obsessive about getting the best product at the best price, so we created an online review site of our own using our years of experience in writing online product reviews. We wanted to really test products independently and offer unbiased results for our customers. We only recommend products that we would buy ourselves!

Our approach

At TestHut we have a simple philosophy. When you buy something, you want it to do the one job it was designed to do. So when we buy products for testing, we make sure that they will perform up to our standards and yours. We make the job of finding the perfect product easier by spending months researching and testing to make a recommendation for you. 

Our mission

TestHut was created with one aim in mind: Cut through the crap! We were tired of reading fake online reviews and being fooled by product testers who were being paid for their positive reviews. We set out to test products for ourselves and use meticulous research to understand who makes the best of the best and then share that information with our readers. We strive to give our readers absolute confidence when making purchases.

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