Who are we?

We are a team of professional writers, developers, and product testers who have worked together to build a website that will guide you to make the best decisions when spending your hard earned money on a product.

How We Earn Money

At TestHut, we do not take any money from advertisers or sponsors. We buy every product that we test to ensure completely honest results. We earn money through affiliate marketing. This means that if you read our article, and we help you make a decision to purchase a product, we will get a small percentage of the sale price when you click on the link from our page. There is no cost to you, our reader, at all. As an Amazon Associate, TestHut earns from qualifying purchases.

Origin Story

The problem with most online review sites is 1) they don’t actually test any products, and 2) you can’t trust their results because they are backed by sponsors.

TestHut is different. We were tired of being fooled by online reviews that were untrustworthy and sometimes downright dishonest. Like anyone, we are obsessive about getting the best product at the best price, so we created an online review site of our own using our years of experience in writing online product reviews. We wanted to really test products independently and offer unbiased results for our customers. We only recommend products that we would buy ourselves!

Our Review Process

At TestHut we have a simple philosophy. When you buy something, you want it to do the one job it was designed to do. So when we buy products for testing, we make sure that they will perform up to our standards and yours. We make the job of finding the perfect product easier by spending months researching and testing to make a recommendation for you.

We begin with extensive research to understand everything there is to know about a given product line. After spending hours learning about a niche and understanding product lines, we read online reviews, talk to experts, and dissect video reviews. We carefully read user reviews to see what real people like and don’t like about certain products. We want to know what people are looking for when they buy this?

After digging deep into a niche, we then narrow our focus to which models we will actually buy and test. We purchase every product that we test at full price, making sure that we are choosing ones that offer quality and value. We do not take gifts from any sponsors. We earn our money through affiliate marketing sales.

Starting with the top-of-the-line product in a niche, we then scale down to see what the sweet spot is for most consumers. We are not fooled by hype and clever marketing. Instead, we find out what criteria really matter to get quality results from every product we buy.

Once the models arrive, we test them both at our homes and in the TestHut lab. After taking each product home with us to see how it performs under normal domestic conditions, we then bring them to our lab to perform objective, scientific tests to see how they perform head to head against one another.

We narrow down our focus to the main criteria for each product and score these criteria based on careful testing.

Once we finish testing, we go through a lengthy scoring process, deliberating and discussing test results and finally assigning scores for each product. Then we pick our winners based on the data:

  • TestHut’s Top Choice: Our top choice is the model that performs the best in our tests for the best value. It will not necessarily be the highest scoring product in the test because we also factor in the cost. This is our honest pick to tell you which one we would buy ourselves in each niche.
  • TestHut’s Premium Choice: In most niches, we find that our favorite model is not necessarily the one with the most features or the most expensive one, but we do want to share why you might like to upgrade a more premium choice.
  • TestHut’s Budget Choice: In many niches, there will be a product that offers the basic essentials at a very good price. It will not have all the features of our Top Choice, but it will provide good enough performance to earn our recommendation.
  • TestHut’s Other Choices: In any given niche, we might find reasons to highlight other products that we test, so we will let you know what these focus areas are and why we think certain models will fit different consumers’ needs.

Even after we publish our final articles, we are not finished testing. We are very thorough, so we continue long-term testing all of our products (if they survive our rigorous tests) and continue to bring you results.

We also scan the marketplace to see if new models are released so we can continue to bring you updated information and reviews.

Our Mission

TestHut was created with one aim in mind: Cut through the crap! We were tired of reading fake online reviews and being fooled by product testers who were being paid for their positive reviews. We set out to test products for ourselves and use meticulous research to understand who makes the best of the best and then share that information with our readers. We strive to give our readers absolute confidence when making purchases.

Want to know how honest we are with our readers? Our goal is to become the largest, most trusted product review site in Europe.

Our Values

  • Objectivity: Because we buy all the products we test and have no ties to any manufacturers, you can trust that our reviews will be objective.
  • Honesty: We are honest and upfront with our audience. If we struggled with a product, we will tell you. We hold nothing back.
  • Thoroughness: When we test, we want to test everything that we can. We put products through the paces, testing and retesting to make sure that we make the best recommendations.
  • Accuracy: We check and calibrate our data so you can be certain that the information you are getting from us is accurate.

Our Team


Arturs is the founder and lead tester of TestHut. In addition to a degree in engineering, he has over six years of experience in writing online product reviews and testing products. He prides himself in his thoroughness and attention to detail, and he never buys anything himself unless he is certain it is the best that he can find. His family and friends have been looking to him for years for product advice. His motto is “trust only the data.”


Jeffrey is a freelance writer, editor, and former teacher with a Master’s degree in English. He has a life-long passion for taking electronics apart to see how they work, and fixing broken things. His passion for product testing and writing are combined in his TestHut reviews. His childhood love was automobiles, and he spent his early years giving advice to his friends and family members about what cars they should or shouldn’t buy. Now he gets to share his advice with a much wider audience.


Aiva has degrees in Communication Studies and Marketing Management with a background in business communication, and she has years of experience writing online reviews. Her passion for precision and perfection help her scrutinise every product we test to ensure that we make the best choices. She would call herself “too analytical” because she wants to know how the world works and the meaning behind it all. She loves to break down data into pieces and then analyse it to make new connections.

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