Best Egg Boilers 2018

We’ve all frequently heard that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, while this can be debatable depending on who you ask, it’s almost universally true that breakfast is the quickest meal of the day. Whether we’re hurrying for school or for work, we almost never have time to properly enjoy breakfast. In fact, for a lot of people this is the main reason why they skip breakfast altogether. Once you get used to an eating schedule with no breakfast it’s very easy to get used to it and stop eating breakfast at all. And regardless of whether breakfast is the most important or the second most important meal, it certainly shouldn’t be skipped.

Still, it can be hard to find time for it sometimes. Especially in a big family when everyone needs and wants a different breakfast, when you need to prepare a dozen different things for work and school every morning, there’s simply not enough time. And that’s where egg boilers come on. With eggs being one of the most nutritious, tasty and energy-rich breakfast foods out there, it’s a pity how long it takes to prepare them. Egg cookers help with that by taking care of the whole process with one or two simple clicks. This makes them the ideal kitchen appliance for almost everyone – the busy parents that need to take care of their whole family before going to work, the always in hurry young adults, tourist enthusiasts that are always on the road – a nice boiler can make sure that you’ll always have an easy and quick breakfast wherever and whoever you are.

At the same time, it’s very disappointing that so many of the egg boilers sold today are of such poor quality. Especially if you are looking to buy something online, it’s very easy to be led by false advertising and dishonest reviews into buying a crappy product. This isn’t to say that the majority of egg boilers are not good enough, but with literally thousands of products on the market right now, it’s easy to stumble into a poor one.

So, to help you out in your search for the perfect breakfast assistance, we decided to cook up a list of the Top 3 egg boilers on the market right now. And to further spice things up, we’ve accompanied it with a quick breakdown of egg boilers, a buying guide, and a lot of additional information on these handy devices. Whether you’re looking for a hard boiled egg cooker, a silicone egg cooker, or any other type, we’ll either have it on our list, or will tell you everything that is to know about it anyway.
So, let’s get into it:

Top 3 Egg Boilers:

SimpleTaste Egg Boiler

With a capacity of up to 7 eggs, the SimpleTaste egg boiler is great for most family occasions. It has an auto shut-off function, as well as over-temperature and low water protection systems. What’s more, this egg maker is quite multi-functional. It also doubles as a poached egg machine and it can steam vegetables and other foods as well. Additionally, it also comes with a measuring cup.

SimpleTaste Egg BoilerPros:

  • Multi-functional device that can boil or poach eggs, as well as steam vegetables
  • Practical capacity
  • Includes a measuring cup
  • Nice, sleek design


  • Doesn’t have a timer

Andrew James Electric Egg Boiler

This egg boiler and poacher is great for healthy fast boiled eggs. With a total capacity of 7 eggs, it can also serve as a 4-egg poacher. Plus, it can steam vegetables too. The Andrew James electric egg cooker is also quite efficient thanks to having an alarm and an auto shut-off function. With a comfortable handle, a practical design, and a 2-year warranty, this would make a cool addition to most households.

Andrew James Electric Egg BoilerPros:

  • 7-egg capacity
  • Boiler, poacher and steamer, all in one
  • Practical design


  • The measuring cup isn’t accurate

BESTEK 12827A0 Egg Boiler

This electric egg boiler from Bestek has a capacity of 6 eggs, making it ideal for quick family breakfasts. More than just a boiler, however, with the added attachments, this item can also be used for poached eggs, omelettes and other recipes. It has an automatic turn-off function that makes this device both safer and more efficient. It also comes with 4 non-slip mats to make it safer and more stable when used.

BESTEK 12827A0 Egg BoilerPros:

  • Great for boiled eggs, poached eggs or omelettes
  • Easy to serve and simple to clean
  • Has an auto shut-off function
  • Comes with 4 non-slip mats to sit on


  • Small capacity makes it suitable for just family breakfasts

How we picked the best egg boilers?

In our search for the best egg boiler we encountered several difficulties that you might face as well. First was the sheer number of items that claimed to be “the best egg cooker out there”. Spoiler alert, most of them weren’t. But to reach to that conclusion we had to read thousands of consumer egg boiler reviews, read dozens of articles, and generally spend more time doing that than we’d feel comfortable to admit.

The next difficulty was the simple fact that a lot of said “best egg boiler” candidates were surprisingly poor. It’s a real marketing feat to get an appliance that’s so bad and manage to advertise it as if it’s God’s gift to mankind. Flashy pictures, gorgeously written descriptions, dishonest reviews – a lot of brands seem to have employed every trick in the book to sell their products without making them actually worth buying. Still, with enough time invested in research, we eventually started distinguishing the better from the worse almost at a glance.

But the trouble with finding the best egg boiler doesn’t end with just reading a ton of egg cooker reviews. The next problem was the subjective nature of most of the characteristics of egg boilers. Take their size for example – for a lot of people having a small egg boiler is a disadvantage because it doesn’t cook enough eggs at once. And that’s understandable. However, on the other hand, for a lot of other people, having a small egg cooker is great because they don’t need that many eggs at once anyway and they want the device to easily fit on a tiny shelf or in their tourist backpack.
So, with most useful sorting considerations being highly subjective, we were forced to use three main criteria above all others – quality of materials, design and price. We’ve researched all other factors and we’ll discuss them below, but for the purposes of forming out Top 3 list, these three are the criteria we focused on. All of them are pretty self-explanatory.

The quality of materials are as important for egg boilers as they are for any other cooking appliance. If you want your egg cooker to serve you well and to do it for years to come, you need it to be made out of top quality aluminium, stainless steel, high quality silicone, and thick heat-resistant glass. And if all those seem fairly obvious, you’d be surprised at how many brands use sub-par materials for their egg boilers. So, whatever you do, don’t take it for granted that your future purchase was made out of adequate steel or silicone and instead – research the materials. The difference they can make is measured in years and sometimes – decades.

The design of the egg cooker is another fairly objective factor. Sure, there’s a lot of subjectivity to it as well when it comes to visual appearance, but the practical side of an appliance’s design is either there or not. In short, for a good egg cooker we looked for a design that offers a lot of space but takes almost no space at the same time. A sort of “Bigger on the inside” approach. This is especially important for egg boilers that want to double as an egg poacher or even make omelettes. Having enough room inside the cooker is great for any situation, even if you need just a few eggs. At the same time, however, we tried to make sure that none of the egg boilers are impractically big. A great egg boiler needs to take almost no space in your kitchen, fit easily on your shelf, and be easy to take on the go if you wish to travel with it.

Lastly, there’s the price. Fortunately, with egg boilers the price is a fairly adequate indicator for the item’s quality. There are the occasional overpriced crappy egg boiler and the “hidden gem” cheap egg boiler that’s actually great, but most of the time you get what you pay for. Still, as we were making a Top 3 list, we had to make sure that the products on that list had the best possible quality / price ratio.

With those criteria in mind and several dozen hours later – our list was born! Now, we’re not saying that this Top 3 list is absolutely perfect and no other egg boiler should ever be considered or bought – we are only human after all, we’ve surely missed a lot of other great egg boiler options. However, even if you don’t like any of our recommendations, at the very least they should serve as a good bench mark for your future research.

And, to help you with said research, let’s take a deeper look into egg boilers ourselves:

A quick breakdown of egg boilers

Egg boilers are really nothing complicated. They simply use hot water and steam to boil and cook eggs, just as you would in a pot. The difference is that egg boilers save you the trouble of boiling the water yourself and of keeping an eye on the eggs. Also, they pretty much remove the risk of cooking eggs, which may not sound like much, but when it is early in the morning, you’re half asleep and yet you are trying to do 5 things at the same time – quite a bit of risk starts to accumulate.

Instead, with a nice egg boiler you just put on the attachment tray you want – whether for boiled eggs, poached eggs, an omelette, or anything else – you pop the eggs on it, you fill it with water, and that’s it. A good egg boiler will have either an alarm in addition to its visual indicator light or an actual auto shut down function. Most good egg boilers have even gone a step further and have “low water” and “over temperature” protection.

Another good feature is the transparent lid, which surprisingly many high-end brands don’t put on their egg boilers. The transparent lid is great for a rather obvious reason – it allows you to easily observe how your eggs are cooking without opening the cooker. Yes, a good egg boiler doesn’t need to be watched as it is well-made and well-timed. But it’s nevertheless nice to have that option at your disposal.

A truly good egg boiler won’t just come with attachments, trays and accessories, but will have a functional and intricate timer and controls. It’s one thing to boil some eggs and it’s another to be able to finely tune how exactly to boil them. With a good egg boiler you will be able to easily calibrate between hard boiled and soft boiled eggs to fully satisfy your and your family’s or guests’ preferences.

Buying guide

When looking to buy an egg boiler, there are multiple things to consider, which is funny, considering how simple these devices actually are. Still, if you want it to be of good use to you and not just gather dust on a shelf, here are the several things to take a look at first:


How big do you need your future egg boiler to be? This can seem like an easy question, but a lot of people get it wrong and buy a smaller egg boiler than they actually need. A lot of people that aren’t used to cooking eggs for breakfast underestimate how many eggs they would like. Additionally, if you often have guests staying overnight, a bigger egg boiler can also come into use. Most electric egg cookers have capacities between 6 and 10 eggs, with some exceptions going either way. Buying a bigger egg boiler than you need is always unfortunate since it will waste too much time and energy. Still, if you’re unsure, we’d advise you to lean to the liberal side of things and pick an egg boiler that is sure to be big enough.

Additional options

All egg boilers can boil eggs – that’s pretty much what they do. A lot of egg boilers can do other things too, however – poached eggs, make omelettes, even steam vegetables. The latter two are actually relatively rare too. So, before making a purchase, make sure that you’ve figured out exactly what you’ll need your egg cooker for. Some brands can offer additional (paid) attachments and accessories after the purchase, but that’s not something you should count on.


For the sake of the item’s longevity, it’s always important for it to be made of high quality materials only. Stainless steel and aluminium and non-stick coating, high quality silicone and heat enduring glass are a given when you’re looking for a cooking appliance. However, there are other aspects to consider as well. For example, do you want the materials of the trays and the other accessories to be BPA-free? Some lower priced brands will offer accessories that are not BPA-free but are at much more affordable prices.


For any kitchen appliance, warranties are an often ignored portion of the price. An expensive product with a long warranty period often ends up being cheaper than a cheap product with little to no warranty. Still, egg cookers are small and cheap cooking appliances, so is the warranty as important for them? Or for you? Some might say that for such a small product the warranty is inconsequential. Others insist that a good egg cooker is still something that should last you for years. Figuring out where you stand on this issue is quite important before purchasing it, considering that the warranties on egg cookers can range anywhere from 3 months to 3 years.

Cleaning and maintenance

As with any other electronic cooking appliance, it’s important to consider how easy it is to disassemble and clean. Such a product can basically be rendered useless if it is too complicated to dismantle and too much trouble to wash. Fortunately, most egg cookers are relatively easy to take apart, thanks to being such simple devices on principle. Still, depending on their materials they may or may not be dishwasher safe. So, do you need your new egg boiler to be dishwasher safe? Or are you fine (or actually prefer to) washing it by hand?

Extra functions

Extra programming functions can make an egg boiler much more useful but also – much pricier as well. So, you might want to figure out which features you want and which – not so much. Do you need the much lauded auto shut down function? Or is the alarm buzzer enough for you? Maybe you don’t need or want an alarm either and you’re satisfied with just an indicator light. How about the “keeping warm” feature that’s often wasted on single people or couples? With egg boilers being relatively cheap devices, this choice may not be the most significant one, but it’s still worth considering.

When buying an egg cooker as a present for a friend each of these questions becomes considerably more complicated. Most of the people disappointed with egg boilers are people who’ve been given an egg boiler as a present and the device simply wasn’t what they were looking for. Which isn’t to say that you shouldn’t buy egg boilers as presents – they actually make for excellent presents (you’re welcome for us skipping on the pun by the way), but they just need to be chosen well.

Once you’ve figured out exactly what you want from your egg boiler, the next step is finding the item that best suits your needs. Hopefully, you’d have already found it in our list, but if you haven’t and you’re just going to use it as a baseline, get ready for reading a ton of consumer reviews.

It’s also worth taking a look at professional industry reviews. They can be tricky because sometimes they are biased, but it’s fairly easy to distinguish the honest from the biased ones. And a professional industry review gives a lot more information, more context, and is more objective than the average consumer review you’ll stumble on.

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that branding matters with egg boilers. That’s rather typical for cooking appliances and brands are fairly consistent. So, when all else fails or when you’ve narrowed your choice to just a couple of items, research their brands a little as well. Here are the several brands we’d recommend for the current state of the market: SimpleTaste, Andrew James, Cuisinart, Bestek, VonShef, Russell Hobbs, Dash, Emerio, Maverick, Profi Cook, Hamilton Beach, and Severin.

Other information about egg boilers

If you’re of the opinion that boiling eggs is a simple thing and there isn’t much to it, then this section will either surprise you or end up being useless for you. Either way, here are several tips to better cooking eggs in your egg boiler:

  • Brush a little butter or oil on the inside of the poaching or omelette trays. This will make sure that you’ll have an easier time separating the eggs from the tray once they are done.
  • Always pierce the wide end of the egg with a needle and place the egg with that end up in the cooker. This will ensure that the egg won’t break up while cooking. Of course, eggs with thinner shells may still break, but it will be less likely overall.
  • When bringing your eggs from the store to your fridge, always place them with the wide end up and the narrow end down. This makes sure that the yolk of the egg will stay centred until it’s time to cook it.
  • Don’t leave your eggs to get to room temperature when you get them out of the refrigerator – instead, put them in the egg boiler immediately. Since the cooking cycle of egg boilers is based on water evaporation, warmer eggs will have the tendency to overcook.

Living with and using egg boilers

For cooking appliances such as egg boilers, it’s always a good idea to wash them with distilled water instead of regular tap water. This will help you out by not letting mineral deposits corrode the heating plate components. It may sound simplistic and unnecessary, but doing that can essentially prolong your egg boiler’s life for years. Of course, an argument can be made that egg boilers are not that expensive anyway, but why let a perfectly fine and well-functioning machine go to waste sooner than it needs to?

Additionally, it’s also a good idea to periodically use white vinegar to clean the unit base. This will help minimize the hard water scaling and protect your eggs from getting discoloured while cooking.


Egg boilers are simple yet invaluable devices for everyone that doesn’t have time to prepare a nice breakfast or wants to be able to cook some eggs even if they are away from home. Straightforward and easy to use devices, good egg cookers can perform several different tasks with ease and free up a lot of time for you in the morning. Even the biggest sceptics tend to easily be turned into egg boiler fanatics after just a couple of weeks of usage, as long as the device they’ve gotten was actually good.

And this is pretty much the reason why we formed this list and guide – to help you find both the best egg boilers on the market and the most suitable egg cooker for your particular needs. Whether any of our suggestions have caught your eye or you’ll just use them as a baseline for your further research, we are glad that we’ve been of at least some assistance.

So, to wrap things up, here are, once again, our recommendations for the best egg boilers currently on the market:

The SimpleTaste egg boiler is pretty much what the brand’s name suggests – easy to use and giving you very tasty results. It has an auto shut down function, as well as low water and over temperature protection systems.

The Andrew James electric egg boiler we’ve suggested here works as both a boiler and a poacher. It has a capacity for 7 boiled and 4 poached eggs. It can also steam vegetables and has both an alarm and an auto shut down function.

The Bestek 12827A0 is great for quick small family breakfasts. It comes with several additional attachments that can work with poached eggs, omelettes and other recipes. It also has an auto shut down function, which is pretty much a given for a product of this quality.