Best Hair Straightening Brushes 2018

Finding the best hair straightening brush on the market right now is a tricky endeavour since what’s “best” is usually very subjective. The fact of the matter is that everyone’s hair is different and even the best straightening brush doesn’t always work for everyone. Add to that the fact that different climate and conditions also affect our hair and the brush’s performance, and the whole thing becomes even more complicated.

Still, hair straightening brushes are a necessity nonetheless. Well, technically, they are a luxury item, but they are a necessary luxury item if you want to look respectable even in the most humid conditions. Whether your hair is just insufferably curly, whether you’re traveling in a foreign climate, or whether you’re simply trying out a new look, having the best hair brush for straightening hair by your side is always a plus.

Haircare professionals are also some of the most frequent buyers of such brushes. For them, more so than for anyone else, having a truly great brush is a must. Often times, a haircare specialist will need several different hair straightening products, even though they are all supposed to do the same thing. Having the best straightening brush for curly hair, the best hair straightening brush for short hair, and a great hair smoothing straightener brush in their arsenal is practically a must for a haircare professional.

If you don’t want to go that far, however, and you’re just looking for a good multifunctional hair straightening brush for yourself and for your family, then finding one great, well-rounded product is ideal.

To help you out with that, below we’ve given our suggestions for the best hair straightening brushes on the market right now. Below them, there are also a guide on how to use straightening brushes, a question on do hair straightening brushes work and how exactly they work, and a lot of other supplementary information.

Top 3 Hair Straightening Brushes:

Remington CB7400

The Glättb CB7400 ceramic hair straightening brush model from Remington is an excellent tool for all hair types. It’s also more than just a hair straightener – it’s also a smoothing brush and an ordinary hair brush. The ceramic coated bristles allow for achieving smoothness with just one stroke of the brush. It also has 3 temperature settings and a cable that’s 5.9 feet long.

Remington CB7400Pros:

  • 3 temperature settings – 150/190/230 °C
  • Hair brush, hair straightener and hair smoother all in one
  • 3 years warranty
  • Ceramic-coated brush bristles


  • Doesn’t work well on short bangs as the brush is rather bulky for them.

Babyliss HSB100E

This pink paddle brush from Babyliss is made out of plastic, silicone and ceramic. Anyone that’s looking for a brush that straightens your hair should take this model into consideration, regardless of whether pink is your colour or not. The wide paddle of the brush, the nice temperature it reaches, as well as the ceramic-coated bristles all make for fast and easy straightening.

Babyliss HSB100EPros:

  • High quality materials
  • Wide paddle with a lot of bristles
  • Ceramic-coated bristles


  • The wide paddle is also a negative because it only works for long hair

AsaVea Brush

No best electric hair straightening brush list would be complete without the AsaVea brush. This stylish heated hair straightening brush utilizes advanced MCH ceramic heat technology, it has 7 different temperature settings, and is made out of high quality DuPont plastic materials.

AsaVea BrushPros:

  • Patented design that protects the user from burning or scalding
  • 7 temperature settings
  • MCH ceramic heat technology
  • Universal voltage that works anywhere in the world


  • Quite an expensive product

How we picked the best hair straightening brushes?

Because everyone’s hair is different, evaluating the best hair straightening brushes turned out to be a bit of a challenge. Simply put, there doesn’t seem to be one “best” brush that works on 100% on everyone’s hair. Some brushes are better for some types of hair, others are better for other types of hair. Even the best brushes from the best brands that claim to work on all types of hair, still have one or two weak points and don’t work optimally on everyone’s hair.

This, essentially, is where most of the negative hair straightener brush reviews come from. It turns out that even the best hair straightener is bound to disappoint at least some users. Still, this doesn’t mean that some brushes aren’t categorically better than others. It’s one thing to have one or two types of hair that you are not the best with, it’s another thing to only work on one or two specific types of hair.

So, the way we went about choosing the best hair straightening brushes was through identifying several key criteria – quality of materials, design, effectiveness and multi-functionality.
The quality of the materials is directly related to the longevity of the product. Often times we buy a good product from a prominent brand that does great work, but in less than a year, the thing breaks down.

Design was also important for our choices, because bad design can have a drastic effect on the functionality of the brush. This doesn’t mean just that the handle won’t be too comfortable or anything of the sort (which is also a factor, after all), but a bad design can make a brush outright unusable for some types of hair. Now, this isn’t to say that every brush should work on everyone’s hair – it is ok for some brushes to be specialized for some specific tasks. However, if a brush’s design is so bad that the item can’t be used in a lot of situations, then the product doesn’t belong on a “Best of” list.

Effectiveness is a self-explanatory criterion – we had to make sure that every brush we suggest to you is effective at its job. This means that it will successfully straighten the types of hair it is designed for, that it will do it quickly, and that it won’t involve too many supplementary procedures.

Multi-functionality was the last criteria we kept in mind, as it refers to how many types of hair does the hair brush work on. It’s ok for some hair straightening brushes to be specialized for some types of hair in particular, but especially for family use, we deemed it important for the products to work on multiple types of hair styles. Another aspect of multi-functionality is whether the hair brush is easy to transport and use on the go. Most people need hair straightening brushes while they are on vacation more so than ever before. That’s because the sudden change of the climate can easily affect our hair in a drastic manner. So, it was important for a hair straightening brush to not only work on many types of hair, but to be usable in many different situations.

We chose to ignore price as a criterion for this particular list, as we deemed it to be less important here. This isn’t because a cheap hair straightener brush can’t be of a high enough quality – it can and we’ve included brushes from different price ranges in the list. However, a high-quality hair straightening brush will have the longevity to completely negate the price difference it had from other brushes when you purchased it. So, even if you can save 10 pounds when buying a hair straightening brush, if it’s going to successfully serve you for the next 5 years, this difference will end up being 100% insignificant.

With those criteria in mind, we started scouring the internet. As you’d expect, there turned out to be countless of straightening brush reviews out there, both from customers and from industry professionals. Reading through all of them and mapping their results alone took us hours.

Customer reviews, in particular, proved to be quite the challenge, because most of them simply read: “It didn’t work on my hair, so I hate it!” which simply doesn’t give us enough information to work with. What is your hair? Did you pick the right brush for your hair or did you just buy it because it had a nice rating? Did you use it correctly? What were the climate conditions at the time?
Context matters an awful lot when judging the performance of a hair straightening brush, so customer reviews for this product category were much less useful for our list than they usually are.

Fortunately, there were also plenty of trustworthy industry reviews out there, so after hours of comparisons, tables and charts, we arrived at the several top choices we mentioned above. We didn’t order them in any particular way because they all do what they do very effectively and they are all suitable for different situations. So, examine them carefully and see which will work best for your own hair.

A quick breakdown of hair straightening brushes

Traditional hair straighteners have been around for quite some time. Used by both haircare professionals and at home, hair straighteners do what they claim they do well – they straighten your hair. Hair straightening brushes, however, are fairly new to the scene and they bring a whole new dimension to haircare. The difference between hair straightening brushes and a traditional hair straightening is in their names – the former work as brushes as well.

This sounds silly and insignificant at first, but it really isn’t. It turns out that having the option to not just straighten your hair, but to also brush it and keep it frizz-free, as well as to do both those things while you’re on the move, is a great thing. With most good hair straightening brushes being compact, easy to use, dual-purposed, and effective, keeping your hair in order is much easier wherever you go and whatever you do.

The way hair straightening brushes achieve this is by utilizing the hot air technology that hair straighteners use, but using it in conjunction with a good, ceramic brush. Instead of pressing and pulling your hair to straighten it, a straightening brush will brush your hair with its ceramic-coated bristles while steaming it simultaneously. This essentially allows you to carry around one product instead of two – the hair straightener and a brush – and also allows you to do these things quicker because you’re doing them together.

Who are hair straightening brushes made for?

Whether man or woman, hair straightening brushes are intended for anyone that would want to straighten their hair. There are multiple different reasons why you might want to do something like that:

  • You’ve always had a big, curly hairstyle and you want to mix things up and see how straight hair looks on you.
  • It is the middle of the summer, the weather is insufferably hot, and you want to make your life a bit more tolerable without cutting your hair.
  • You have a lot of business meetings and networking events and you want to look more “respectable”.
  • You are traveling a lot, particularly in some hotter and more humid places, and your hair has fluffed out like a bush.

Typically, hair straightening brushes are used mostly by people who travel a lot. It is their dual-purpose and compact nature that makes them ideal for this, more so than other hair straightening products. Even if you don’t travel too much, however, a hair straightening brush can prove advantageous even at home, as it simply makes hair straightening quicker, simpler and easier than other products.

How do hair straightening brushes work exactly?

The technology behind hair straightening brushes really isn’t something brand new and innovative. It’s actually quite simple, it just hadn’t be thought of until recently. Hair straightening brushes use the exact same principle that flat irons and traditional hair straighteners do, they just use it through a hair brush. The trick is that by producing heat, the hair straightener softens your hair and straightens it. This isn’t permanent, of course, as is the case with flat irons and traditional hair straighteners. To keep your hair straight you’ll need to straighten it out every single day. With a hair straightening brush, however, this is much less of a trouble, as they are much easier to use than other similar products.

As a result of that, using a hair straightening brush really isn’t any different than using a normal brush, you just have to plug it into the mains first and let it heat up for a minute. After that you just brush your hair slowly and the brush will not only even it out but it will also straighten it.

Another feature of hair straightening brushes is the ceramic technology they have in their bristles. This wasn’t always a feature in hair straightening brushes. The ceramic coating of the bristles was first a special feature that only select few models and brands used, but it proved to be so effective that pretty much every good modern hair straightening brush uses it today. The way ceramic-coating works is by creating negative ions in your hair as you brush it. Negative ions have turned out to be very effective at keeping your hair straight and sleek for longer throughout the day. This effectively guarantees that you won’t have to re-straighten your hair again on your lunch break or after work.

What’s the difference between hot hair straightening brushes and hot air hair brushes?

Most of the characteristics of hair straightening brushes we explained up until now are related to hot hair brushes. They have a flat head with usually a rectangular shape, they have ceramic-coated bristles sticking out of it. Both the plate in the brush’s head and the bristles themselves become hot and help straighten your hair as you brush it. Most great hot hair straightening brushes use ceramic and ionic technology, as well as tourmaline or diamond infusion adds shine, neutralizes static and removes frizz from the hair.

Hot air brushes, on the other hand, typically feature a round head and are designed to add style to your hair while drying damp hair. They are frequently used to add volume to your hair by creating curls and waves. On some hot air brushes the head also rotates to give you an even more effective performance. The fact that hot air brushes make your hair more curly and wavy, makes them more of an opposite from hot hair straightening brushes, rather than an alternative product.

What other alternative products can you use instead of a hair straightening brush?

Traditional hair straighteners and flat irons have actually been around for longer than hair straightening brushes. This effectively makes hair straightening brushes “the alternative” to these products and not the other way around.

So, how do flat irons and hair straightening brushes compare? Let’s take a look at flat irons first:

  • Flat irons work by pressing strands of your hair between 2 hot plates. The high temperature of the plates softens your hair and relaxes the hydrogen bonds in the hair strands. This makes even the most stubborn curly hair into a flat strand rather easily. A good flat iron is so effective that it can even straighten out an afro.
  • The high temperatures of the flat iron have some negatives too – they dry out your hair and if you’re not careful (and the flat iron is of a poor quality) you can easily burn your hair or completely cut it off.
  • Flat irons with ceramic plates should always be preferred as they lessen the risks we mentioned above.
  • Flat irons should be used once per week or 2-3 per week at most. You should never use a flat iron more often than that as it will completely dry out and ruin your hair.
  • Even if you use a flat iron moderately, if you’ve been using it for long enough it will still dry out your hair too much. So, while flat irons are all right for a while, they are not recommended for too long of a usage.
  • Flat irons simply flatter your hair. They don’t add volume or style, they don’t brush your hair or remove frizz from it. You’ll have to brush your hair both beforehand and afterward for the optimal results.
  • At the end of the day, the flat iron’s main advantage is how powerful it is. Even the best hair straightening brushes can’t deal with the truly though curly cases, but there are no limits to what a flat iron can do.

Let’s compare those points to a hair straightening brush:

  • Hair straightening brushes are not as powerful as a flat iron. They do well with wavy and curly hair, especially if it is thin or not too thick, but a hair straightening brush doesn’t stand a chance against a very thick hair or something like an afro.
  • Hair straightening brushes, however, have the benefit of also brushing your hair. The bristles on the brush go through every single hair and they apply the negative ions to your hair more completely. The end result is a much healthier straightening experience.
  • Hair straightening brushes can be used every day without damaging your hair in any way. They don’t dry out your hair too much and they pose no risk of burning whatsoever.
  • Hair straightening brushes also massage your scalp which results in improved blood circulation.
  • They also remove static electricity from the hair.
  • By being two products in one, hair straightening brushes are easier to carry around, as well as more usable in different situations.
  • Hair straightening brushes have a shorter lasting effect than flat irons. While a flat iron can keep your hair straight for up to a week, a hair straightening brush will only keep it so for about a day.
  • A hair straightening brush takes less time to use per a single instance than a flat iron. However, because they are used more frequently, hair straightening brushes take you more time in total per week.

This was a rather quick comparison of flat irons and hair straightening brushes, but hopefully you’ve gotten the idea. Flat irons are the “heavy duty” tools of hair straightening. They can deal with every curl and flatten every wave. They do so with quite the risk and collateral damage, however, so it’s best if you don’t need them. To be sure that you know what product you should use, it’s best to consult with a haircare professional in person before buying anything.

Buying guide

When looking to buy a hair straightening brush, we’d advise you to focus on the several criteria we mentioned above – its effectiveness, its multi-functionality, its design, and the quality of the materials it is made out of. But to give you several more things to consider, here’s what you should also be looking at when comparing hair straightening brushes:

  • The plate’s material. The plate of the hair brush is the part that gets heated and that does most of the work in terms of straightening. The materials that it is made out of and the materials of the bristles are essential for the end result. Different materials are generally more or less suitable for different types of hair. Ceramic is the most popular material today and that’s for a good reason. Ceramic plates help by cutting down the frizz in your hair, they add sleekness to it, and they also release negative ions which keep your hair straighter for longer. Tourmaline plates are the other most popular choice as they also give your hair a sleeker outlook and induce it with negative ions. The choice between ceramic and tourmaline boils down to your own personal hair type and your personal preferences. If you’re not certain on which one is better for you, you should visit a haircare professional (or a couple of them) and try their products first.
  • Portability matters. Even if you’re not buying your hair straightening brush with the intention of traveling with it, chances are that you’ll need to at some point. One of the biggest advantages of hair straightening brushes over other hair straightening tools is how portable they are, so it’s smart to double down on that. An easily portable hair straightening brush will be much easier to use everywhere you go.
  • The shape of the head is important. Hair straightening brushes come in two types – a flat and usually rectangular head or roller head brushes. Flat heads are usually better for short hair, while roller heads are intended for longer hair. The precise design is important here, however, as bigger flat heads are not suitable for short hair at all and are instead also meant for long hair. Choosing the exact shape and size of your brush’s head is vital for how you’re going to use it, as well as for whether you’re going to be able to use it at all.
  • The heat time is key to the whole experience as well. The key difference between a normal brush and a hair straightening brush is that you have to plug the latter in the mains and wait for them to heat up. Depending on the brush, its quality and its brand, heating up can take from several seconds (especially for ceramic brushes) to about a minute for cheaper ones. Heat time isn’t important for everyone as it won’t matter much if you’re only using the brush at home – you’ll just plug it in, go do something else for 30 – 60 seconds, and return to use it afterward. However, if the longer heat time irritates you, consider a more expensive brand and a more high-quality brush model.

With those considerations in mind, you’ll eventually end up reading the millions of reviews online. That is, of course, unless one of our suggestions above have already caught your eye. Even if they have, however, it’s still recommended to do some research on your own. Take a look at the top brands, examine their most popular models, read some reviews about them, and compare them based on your own requirements and preferences. When reading customer reviews, remember that it’s important to consider the context in which they were written. There will be a lot of negative user reviews that actually don’t apply to your own situations, as well as a lot of positive reviews that wouldn’t be as positive if said people had your hair.

Still, be reading as much as possible and by refracting all that info through the prism of your own circumstances, you’ll eventually find the most suitable product for your hair.

If you’re wondering which the top brands to consider are, then here are several that we’d recommend. This list changes frequently as some brands rise to prominence every year while others fall from grace, but as of now, these are the ones you should focus on: FemJolie, Remington, Babyliss, AseVea, USpicy, Tristan, Apalus, ACEVIVI.

Other information about hair straightening brushes

To the outside observer, hair straightening brushes seem like one of those luxury items that are completely unnecessary and are just another way for modern people to waste their money. After all, did women straighten their hair prior to the invention of flat irons and hair straighteners? No? Then why should you?

The fact is, however, that women have always straightened their hair. Not because there is anything wrong with curly hair – there isn’t – but simply because sometimes it becomes unmanageable, certain humid climates can turn it into a physical nightmare to live through, as well as for simply stylish reasons. So it isn’t that women haven’t straightened their hair before, it’s that it used to take them forever to do so. A good, high-quality hair straightening brush can save you a lot of important time for work, for your daily tasks, or for traveling, and by saving you time, it essentially saves you money.

How else can you straighten your hair without using any specialized product?

If we step away from the flat iron vs hair straightening brush debate for a minute, there is one other way to straighten your hair. It’s by simply using a normal brush and a hot hair dryer. As long as you moisten your hair beforehand and the brush is large enough (and preferably – round), you should be able to straighten out most curls. Just divide your hair into strands, pull them from root to tip, apply the hot air from the hair dryer and start carefully combing your hair with the brush. This is the way people have been doing it before the more specialized tools were invented and it works. Of course, the difference is that it’s a much slower method, it’s less effective, it is more cumbersome, and so on. But if you just want to straighten your hair once or twice just to see how it looks, just try this method first.

Living with and using hair straightening brushes

Hair straightening brushes are a fairly simple item to maintain. There aren’t any specifics tips to how you should increase their longevity or how you should improve their efficiency. After all, they are just hair brushes that get heated up. As long as you’re careful when using them and keep them protected when traveling with them, a high quality hair straightening brush should last you for a very long time. Since you can’t wash them with water due to the risk of damaging their electric components, it’s important to only use them on a clean hair. This will ensure that your hair straightening brush will also always be clean and won’t need to be cleaned too often. Aside from that – just enjoy using it!


Hair straightening brushes are one of those products that aren’t really the best at what they do but are the best at how they do it. Flat irons have hair straightening brushes beat in terms of power and effectiveness, but from any practical standpoint, hair straightening brushes are much safer, much easier to use, much more enjoyable to use, much easier to travel with, and much more multi-functional. So, as long as your hair isn’t so insanely curly that it needs a flat iron, a good hair straightening brush should be your best bet.

And to help you find the best hair straightening brushes on the market right now, here are our suggestions again:

The Remington CB7400 is a great ceramic brush that fits most, if not all, hair types. It makes your hair smooth and sleek, and has 3 temperature settings to choose from. With a 3 year warranty, this brush is almost guaranteed to serve you well for a long time.

Babyliss also made our list with their HSB100E model. Made out of high-quality plastic, silicone and ceramic, this brush has a wide paddle that’s more suitable for longer hair. The nice ceramic-coated bristles will make a quick work out of any hair style that’s long enough for this brush.

AsaVea is also here with their stylish and effective design. Their brush utilizes the advanced MCH ceramic heat technology and have 7 different temperature modes. This brush is made out of high-quality DuPont plastic and ceramic materials, and has a unique, patented design.