Best Nose Hair Trimmers 2018

Excess nose hair seems to be one of those problems of the 21st century that people of the past didn’t have. After all, have you ever heard about ancient Greeks trimming their nose hair? Or American Indians? Yet today, having even just a little bit of nose hair can be a cause for shame. Is this just a fashion thing, or do we actually need to trim our nose hair?

There are several reasons why nose hair is more of a problem today than it has been in the past. For starters, we live longer, and nose hair keeps growing in length for as long as we’re alive. As a result, more people have excess nose hair today than ever before. Additionally, nose hair isn’t as useful to us as it has been in the past – the function of nose hair is to protect us from inhaling dust, dirt, bacteria, and other such things. Well, nose hair still serves that purpose so we should never remove it completely, but there’s much less dust and dirt in our city lives than it used to be before. Add to that the purely cosmetic factor that people are more and more basing their relationship decisions on outlook and appearance (among other things of course), and keeping your nose well-trimmed starts to seem more and more reasonable.

Additionally, most modern electric nose hair trimmers are made to work well on eyebrows, ear hair, and even neck hair, so having such a device at home is always useful.

So, do you need a nose shaver? Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re leading an active social life, chances are that you’ll want to keep your nose trimmed. Especially if you go on camera or you tend to have a lot of business meetings, trimming your nose and ears, as well as keeping your eyebrows well-groomed can be a must. But even if you don’t lead the most active social life, if your nose hair has started growing out of proportion, it can simply pose some physical discomfort. Especially for people that tend to grow more hair all around their bodies, nose hair can grow so much that even breathing easily can become an issue.

Whether you’re looking for a nose hair trimmer for women, a men’s nose trimmer, or a unisex, multifunctional nose trimmer for the entire family, finding the best nose hair trimmer is a must. Low-quality nose and ear trimmers can cause nicks and cuts on your skin, can pull the hair painfully while cutting it (or instead of cutting it), can simply push the hair upwards instead of removing it, and so on. A lot of those things are not just painful and unpleasant, they can even cause rashes and infections. Add to that the fact that low-quality nose and ear hair trimmers often break after just a couple of months, and it quickly becomes clear why you’d want to find the best nose trimmer out there.

To help you out with that, below we’ve given our three suggestions for the best nose, ear and eyebrow trimmers on the market right now. Additionally, after our suggestions, you can also find a guide on how to trim nose hair safely and effectively, how to use a nose hair trimmer for its other possible applications, why hair trimmers are the best way to remove nose hair, what is it that makes them the best for nose hair removal, and a lot of other useful information.

Top 3 Nose Hair Trimmers:

Panasonic ER-GN30

This Panasonic dynamo utilizes an advanced sharp dual-edge blade technology that results in a very precise trimming. It works for nose hair, eyebrows, and ear hair from 0.5mm. The ergonomically designed body/handle is very easy to use, it comes with a protective cap and a cleaning brush.

Panasonic ER-GN30Pros:

  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Includes a protective cap and a cleaning brush
  • Works on more than just nose hair
  • Great ergonomic design


  • Some customers have reported longevity issues. However, it’s rather standard for nose hair cutters to not last over a couple of years

Philips NT5175

For a nose trimming set with a wider range of options, the Philips NT5175 offers an awful lot of things. It uses an advanced guard system that prevents pulling, nicks and cuts. It also has ultra-precise and sharp cutting slots. It works for ear and eyebrow hair as well, and the set includes 3 combs for an even trim.

Philips NT5175Pros:

  • It’s fully washable
  • The blades don’t need to be oiled
  • 2 year warranty
  • Advanced guard system and ultra-precise cutting


  • This is a rather expensive product compared to others

Philips NT3160

For a more budget-oriented option from Philips, the NT3160 brings the brand’s quality as well. It works for nose, ear and eyebrow hair, and it has a nice design that allows it to reach deep into the nose and ears. It uses the new ProtecTube technology which protects the cutter with an ultra-thin foil guard. This prevents any pulling and unintended skin cuts.

Philips NT3160Pros:

  • Includes 2 eyebrow combs (5mm and 3mm)
  • Showerproofed
  • ProtecTube technology prevents cuts, nicks and pulling
  • Great design, effective in all areas


  • Struggles with individual hairs

How we picked the best nose hair trimmers?

There were several key factors to consider when looking for the best men’s nose hair trimmer or ladies nose hair trimmer.

First, to be considered for our list, the trimmer needed to be truly effective. Finding such products is easier said than done, since practically every product claims to be effective. Every nose trimmer is different, however, and while some are pretty good cutters, others tended to just push nose hair upwards.

Our next consideration was the safety of the nose trimmer. Nose hair trimmers aren’t exactly axes, so it’s not like you can kill yourself with them, but they are still capable of inflicting some damage to your skin if you are not careful enough or if they are not of a high enough quality. A lot of bad nose hair trimmers tend to nick or cut your skin while cutting which is quite painful inside your nose. The skin there is one of the softest and most sensitive portions of skin in our bodies. Even trimmers that don’t nick or cut can inflict pain, however, particularly when pulling your hairs. This happens when the blades of the trimmer are not sharp enough or when their design is bad. Pulling nose hair is quite painful and unpleasant, not to mention that it can lead to cuts and nicks itself. All these things are bad not just because of the pain they cause but also because even the small incision in your nose can easily lead to an infection. So, when choosing the best nose hair trimmer, safety was one of our main concerns.

Multi-functionality was also very important for us. Nose trimmers have become so popular in recent years not just because people want to trim their nose hairs, but because they can also be used on other areas of our faces. Looking for not just a nose trimmer but for the best nose and ear trimmer that can also trim eyebrows and neck hair really makes a product worth buying.

Last but not least, we also focused on the quality and longevity of the products. It’s quite well known in this area that most modern nose trimmers don’t actually last too long. Especially if they are used for more than just nose trimming, a lot of nose trimmers tend to break down after just several months. This is an awfully unpleasant thing to happen to a product you just bought and that you actually need. So, we considered longevity a key concern when sifting through nose hair trimmer reviews and info articles.

We considered price as a factor as well, but decided not to use it as a measuring stick for this product group. Nose hair trimmers aren’t generally that expensive and if they are good enough to last you several years, you won’t care much about a difference of 5 – 10 pounds in the initial price.

So, armed with these considerations, we attacked the online space and started shooting down nose trimmer reviews and articles. As with any other product groups, distinguishing between adequately written and contextual customer reviews, and ones that were just ill-informed and poorly argued took a lot of time. With thousands of reviews of hundreds of items, a lot of which from prominent brands, sifting through all that info made up the bulk of our research time.

With consumer review being relatively untrustworthy, however, we also took a deep look at industry professional’s reviews. The problem with these reviews is that they are often biased but with enough experience in the field, one knows how to distinguish between biased and honest review articles.

So, after going through thousands of texts and opinions, we slowly but surely narrowed down the nose hair trimmers to just several products. It took us quite a bit of tables, charts, and direct comparisons, but the end result is that we are now quite certain in our choices.

A quick breakdown of nose hair trimmers

Trimming our facial hair isn’t something that people always used to do. Sure, men have been shaving their beards for quite some time – basically ever since knives and razors became sharp enough – but trimming one’s nose hair? Trimming and styling your eyebrows? Shaving your neck or trimming your ear hair? This is a level of care that women in some societies might have been doing for a while but not for that long. And for men, in particular, this is a whole new style and type of behaviour.

It is a pretty positive change, however, of that there is little doubt. Nose hair, especially, can become quite troublesome when left unchecked, not to mention that it’s definitely not the prettiest sight in the world. And whether we like it or not, in today’s society, looks do matter. And because we can’t exactly stick a razor blade in our noses and just rotate it around, modern nose trimmers have come to our rescue.

Before the invention of nose hair trimmers as we know them now, people used to trim their hair with small scissors, with nail or nose scissors in particular. This is a semi-functional way to deal with nose hair – it does get rid of the longer, more surface level hairs, but it’s uncomfortable, ineffective, and risks cutting yourself quite easily.

Modern nose hair trimmers negate this problem by utilizing different designs of multiple small, rotating blades that efficiently fit into your nose and effectively cut the hair in it. When the nose hair trimmer’s design is good enough and it fits well, this is usually a perfectly harmless method of getting rid of nose hair. Truly good nose hair trimmers will have extremely sharp blades that cut the nose hair easily without pulling or pushing it. They will also have protectors on the side which will prevent any inadvertent cuts and nicks on the skin. All this results in a quick, easy, effective and painless trimming, which is much more than what we can say about the old “stick a pair of scissors in your nose” method.

Great nose hair trimmers work on more than just your nose.

Trimming your nose’s hair sounds nice, but is it really worth it to buy a device that you can just use for one minor problem? Well, sometimes it is, but yes – most of the time it isn’t. This is rarely much of a problem for modern nose hair trimmers, however, because they are made to work on more than just your nose hair. A good package of nose hair trimmers will include a pair of combs and brushes for your eyebrows as well. It will also have a design that fits not only in your nose, but works well with ear hair as well. A nose hair trimmer with sharp enough blades and a good design can also deal with your neck hair, effectively saving you a trip to the hair salon every once in a while.

What are the different types of nose hair trimmers?

Generally, there are a lot of sub-types and unique designs when it comes to nose hair trimmers, but they can all be summarized in two categories – electric nose hair trimmers and manual nose hair trimmers.

Electric nose hair trimmers and undoubtedly the most popular type today. They work on battery power, they can be operated safely with one hand, and they generally cut hair faster and more effectively than manual trimmers. They can be either rechargeable nose hair trimmers or non-rechargeable, but either way, they are electric.
Manual hair trimmers, on the other hand, don’t need a battery or a plug. They feature a premium build and require both hands to operate. They are slower to use, but some people prefer them mostly for their “more traditional” feel.

How do you use an electric nose hair trimmer effectively and safely?

We said quite a bit about nose hair trimmers, what makes them great and what you can use them for. We aren’t here just to praise a random product group, however, so let’s go through a detailed step-by-step guide on how to effectively and efficiently use electric nose hair trimmers.

  • Read the owner’s manual to the letter. Yes, sorry, we couldn’t just skip this one. Nose hair trimmers may not have the biggest and most dangerous blades in the history of man-made tools, but they are still a bladed instrument. An electronic one at that. So, before doing anything else, take a moment and read through the instructions’ manual. It will be tailored to the specific model you’ve gotten and will be much more contextual than anything we can say here.
  • Get a lighted mirror that magnifies. At the very least you should trim your nose in a well-lit place and in front of a clean mirror, but if you have or can purchase a magnifying mirror, this will ease your experience a lot. In terms of lighting, fluorescent lighting works much better than standard yellow bulb light as it creates more of a contrast.
  • If you are using rechargeable or battery-powered nose hair trimmers make sure that they are fully charged before you start using them. Electric nose hair trimmers that are low on power tend to cut more slowly and as a result – less effectively. Even a high-quality and safe nose hair trimmer can pull and snag your hairs if it is underpowered.
  • Blow and clean your nose thoroughly before using the trimmers. This should also go without saying, but you’ll be surprised at home many people don’t do it and get into trouble as a result. Having dirt or debris in your nose is an easy way to screw with your nose hair trimmer, dull the blades, make the trimming less effective, jam the mechanism, and so on. And when any of these things happen, you’ll shorten the trimmer’s life and you’ll ruin your trimming. So, before doing anything else, blow your nose extensively and clean it as well as you can with a warm, damp cloth. There is no need in getting uncomfortable with this – after all, capturing dirt and debris is what the nose is for anyway.
  • Push your nose up with the fingers of your spare hand.
  • Turn the trimmers on once you’ve inserted their tip into your nose. Start by slowly trimming the surface hairs first. Get used to the work of the trimmers and their handle before proceeding any further. After that, take the trimmers out and use your fingers to pull some of the side hairs out so you can trim them as well.
  • Take a break every minute or so. It’s normal to have a sneezing reflex when using a nose hair trimmer, so take frequent breaks to negate it. There shouldn’t be any need for us to clarify that sneezing is not a good idea when you have rotating razor blades stuck deep in your nose.
  • Don’t worry if your eyes have started watering a bit – it’s a normal reaction when you’re trimming your nose hair.
  • Keep progressing slowly until there’s no visible nose hair from the outside. You don’t need to keep going beyond that point most of the time – remember that nose hair isn’t something that needs to be removed completely – it has its important filtration function. So, just trim your nose hair enough so that it isn’t visible and it doesn’t obstruct your breathing.

How to use a nose hair trimmer on your eyebrows, ears or back of the neck?

As we mentioned, most modern electric nose hair trimmers are designed to be usable on other areas as well. Particularly the ears, eyebrows and neck are often in high demand of trimming. Each of these areas is usually easier to trim than the nose because the skin there is less sensitive, you have an easier access and more open spaces, and the hair is generally less collided with each other.
For eyebrow trims, it helps to have a small eyebrow brush to control the trimming. Luckily, most good nose hair trimmers come with one or two combs and brushes for that exact purpose.

Trimming your neck hair with a nose trimmer is also easy – all you need is a pair of mirrors to get visibility on the back of your neck and you’ll be good to go. Everything below your hairline is up for a good trimming and there isn’t much you can do wrong.

Your ears are probably the next most complicated area to trim after your nose, but they are still not that hard. They are typically wider than your nose and have less hair in them, so just gently put the tip of the nose hair trimmer in your ear and trim the edges of the hairs there. You can help yourself with your other hand by widening your ear even more. Alternatively, you can just ask a relative to help you out and do it themselves.

What are the alternatives to electric nose hair trimmers?

Electric nose hair trimmers aren’t the only ways you can trim your nose hair, of course. As we said above, people have been trimming their nose hair with scissors for quite some times before electricity was invented. Most of the times they used to do it with standard small scissors, mostly nail scissors, but there are more dedicated manual tools as well:

  • Nose hair scissors. Similar to nail scissors in size, nose hair scissors have a different, shorter shape of their blades. They are designed to be safely inserted into the nostril and trim the points of the hairs with several easy motions. While more effective than ordinary scissors, they are still far from the effectiveness of electric nose hair trimmers. They take longer, they don’t do as good a job, and they still pose a greater risk of cutting yourself if you’re not careful.
  • Tweezers. Tweezers are a commonly used manual way of dealing with nose hair, but they really aren’t something we can recommend. Tweezers don’t cut or trim your nose hair, they are meant to simply pull it out of your nose. This is bad for several reasons: 1) It hurts. A lot. 2) It takes quite a bit of time. 3) Pulling your nose hairs is actually ill-advised. By pulling it away you’re leaving portions of your skin slightly damaged and open for infections. If you just sit down and pull a large portion of your nose hair, then you’re going to need to also use some medicine on your inner nose skin to prevent infections. The upside of tweezers is that they are easy to use and are effective for one offs or single stray hairs.
  • Nose hair waxing. Similar to tweezers, this is a great way to hurt yourself. Perfect for masochists, nose hair waxing isn’t really recommended for any person with an average human pain threshold. And not only is waxing painful, it also leaves your skin hurt and exposed to infections, similarly to tweezers.

Buying guide

When looking for the best nose hair trimmers, there are several key points you should keep in mind. Thankfully, they are more or less universal – you’ll need your trimmers to be of high enough quality to last you at least a couple of years; you want their blades to be laser sharp as nothing hurts more when using nose hair trimmers than having dull blades on them; and you also want them to have a nice and comfortable design that will not only do wonders for your nose but will also make the trimmers applicable for other areas of your face and head as well.

The simplest way to find the best nose hair trimmer to perfectly answer these requirements is to just stick your head in some consumer reviews and start reading until you find what you’re looking for. That, or just take a look at the nose hair trimmers we’ve selected for you. Even then, however, we’d still recommend that you do some additional personal research. Consider reading industry professional articles as well – they are sometimes biased but generally include a lot of useful information on each individual product that you wouldn’t find on a consumer review.

Also, when comparing prices, don’t be turned off by more expensive options. Higher prices in this product group almost always mean greater quality and more longevity, which, in turn, means more value per pound. Much more value, in some cases.

And, of course, don’t forget to consider the brand of the product. A lot of brands have both higher and lower quality products but generally speaking, you can expect more from some brands and less from others. The brands we’d recommend that you check out first are: Philips, Panasonics, Groom Mate, KEDSUM and ToiletTree.

Other information about nose hair trimmers

One of the long-standing myths about nose hair and human hair in general is that the more you trim it, the faster it grows. No one really knows where this myth has come from – maybe from lazy parents who didn’t want to bother and cut their kids’ hair? Wherever it came from, what matters is that it’s been dispelled for decades now. Which, in turn, really gave rise to the nose hair trimmers industry. More and more people are now open to the idea of trimming their nose and ear hair to improve their visual appearance and personal feel. If you were still under the impression that cutting or trimming hair makes it grow faster – the sooner you get rid of that notion, the better!

Living with and using nose hair trimmers

The key thing for maintaining your electric nose hair trimmers in a good condition is how you clean them after use. It’s vital that after every use of your nose hair trimmers you apply an antiseptic on them. It can be rubbing alcohol or just soap and water. Keeping the hair trimmers perfectly clean will both keep your nose from future infections, as well as keep the nose trimmers in a nice, good condition. This will improve their longevity and will allow you to use them for years. Not to mention, that dirty nose hair trimmers with dull blades and jammed mechanism can be quite painful to use.


Electric nose hair trimmers may not be a necessity, but they are a very comfortable luxury. Why stick scissors in your nose or pluck your hairs one by one with tweezers when you can get a nice, high-quality electric nose hair trimmer and get rid of the hair problem with ease. What’s more, a good nose trimming device is great for use on other areas as well, such as ear hair, back of the neck hair and eyebrows. Plus, if you consider how long you can use an electric nose hair trimmer for (if they are of a high enough quality), the price is mostly negligible.
And, if you need a starting point as to which are the best nose hair trimmers on the market right now, here are the products that our extensive research led us to:

Panasonic is one of the biggest brands in electronic nose hair trimmers and their ER-GN30 model proves that. It has an advanced sharp dual-edge blade technology which all but guarantees precise trimming with no cuts, nicks or pulls.

The other giant of the industry is Philips and they made our list with not one but two models. First is the NT5175 – a rather expensive product that has a lot of positives to back it up. An advanced guard system, ultra-precise and sharp cutting slots, as well as 3 combs that go with the trimmer.

The NT3160 is our second Philips suggestion. This is a more budget-friendly option that still has the Philips’ quality. It takes advantage of the ProtecTube technology that prevents cuts and nicks thanks to its ultra-thin foil guard.