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GreenPan Cambridge Ceramic Review: A Good Alternative to Teflon

The GreenPan is a well-reviewed pan with a ceramic coating—Teflon-free—similar to the Ozeri. The two pans performed similarly throughout our testing, but the GreenPan proved to be both less versatile and less durable.

Frying pan Greenpan Cambridge top



  • Teflon-free Ceramic nonstick
  • Nice size and shape
  • Easy utensil access
  • Great nonstick properties


  • Weak handle weld
  • Delicate coating
  • Low oven rating—160°C

GreenPan Cambridge Features & Specs

  • Size: 24 cm
  • Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Material: Forged Aluminum
  • Coating: Ceramic
  • Handle: Plastic with weld
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes (not recommended)
  • Metal utensils: No
  • Oven Safe: 160°C
  • Hobs: All (gas, electric, ceramic, induction)

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Frying pan Greenpan Cambridge handle

We liked the small form and compact shape and overall look of the GreenPan better than the Ozeri. It has an excellent nonstick coating, and most foods turned out very nicely in this pan. The plastic handle stayed cool and comfortable, and the pan is light and easy to manoeuvre on any hob.

Frying pan Greenpan Cambridge cooking

The Ozeri beat the GreenPan in terms of versatility because the size and shape of the Ozeri allows for larger meals and family-sized stir-fries. We did like the GreenPan’s accessible shape with curved sides allowing for easy utensil use. It has a relatively small capacity at just 1.5 litres, but the surface is large enough for 5 chicken legs.

Frying pan Greenpan Cambridge egg


Frying pan Greenpan Camgridge broken handle

What really set the GreenPan back was that the handle snapped off in our drop test. While some other pans also ended up with broken handles, this one actually shattered the weld which bonded the handle to the body, making repairing or using the pan very difficult. This weakness in the pan design makes us recommend one of their other pan series like the Venice with a riveted handle, or the Mayflower series with a forged aluminium handle base.

Cleaning and maintenance

Frying pan Greenpan Cambridge package

Cleaning and caring for this pan was easy because of the excellent nonstick coating, but you should be very careful with the ceramic surface. It did survive our scratch test, but as with all nonstick pans, you want to be extra gentle. We recommend handwashing, non-metal utensils, and careful storage to increase the lifespan of the pan.

In addition to the broken handle, this pan originally shipped with some coating having peeled off the edges. We complained and were sent a new pan, but this one also had slight imperfections. None of these affected our cooking tests, but it did let us know that this surface coating is pretty fragile and may start flaking or peeling eventually.


We like that this pan is coated with a ceramic nonstick surface that avoids chemicals like PTFE. If you are looking for a compact nonstick pan that doesn’t use any Teflon, then a GreenPan is a great choice.

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