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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Review

The Lodge cast iron skillet is the epitome of what a frying pan should be. It is tough, versatile with a classic design.

We really liked cooking with the Lodge for its steadiness and were surprised at just how nonstick a well-seasoned, high-quality cast iron pan could be. With just a little butter or oil, eggs and pancakes were releasing from this pan with no residue at all.

It is a bit heavy and does require general cast iron maintenance after use, but we think that this pan is worth a little extra care. We wish that the handle didn’t get so hot, but you just have to remember to use a towel or oven mitt when moving the pan around.


  • Incredibly durable design
  • Slick seasoned surface
  • All-purpose design for stove and oven
  • Classic design—always in style
  • Steady once heated
  • Good size and volume


  • Uneven heating
  • Requires maintenance after cooking
  • Angled corners inhibit spatula access
  • Handle gets very warm
  • Heavy

TestHut’s verdict

At a decent price point, the Lodge really is an all-purpose skillet that can cook just about anything. It is versatile enough to use on the stove, in the oven and even outside on the grill. You will love slapping a steak on a sizzling hot cast iron pan to watch it sear in the flavor.


Features & Specs

Category Value
Size 26cm (10 inch)
Weight 2.25kg
Material Cast Iron
Coating Pre seasoned
Handle Cast iron
Dishwasher safe No
Metal utensils Yes
Oven Safe Yes
Hobs Gas, electric, ceramic, induction

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