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Neato D8 Review

We were excited to test the Neato D8 because of its unique D-shaped design. However, its overall performance was mediocre, but it does clean relatively well.

Neato D8 test



  • Unique D-shaped design fits well into corners and edges
  • Powerful suction power
  • Large dustbin holds lots of debris


  • Slow and lethargic movement
  • Difficult to empty the bin
  • A bit loud

Neato D8 Features & Specs

Category Value
Navigation type: LiDAR navigation
Suction power: 2,000 Pa (est.) 
Mopping feature: no
Run time: 100 min
Charging time: 2.5 h
Side brushes: 1
HEPA filter: no
Dustbin size: 700ml
Noise level: 67dB
Height of the device: 101 mm
Compatibility with voice assistants: Alexa, Google Assistant 
Wifi connection: 2.4 GHz Wifi

In our navigation test, the Neato D8 seemed to be confused at times. When we first let it go, it only cleaned 12% of the room, and said it was done. When we sent it on another run, it did much better, but the navigation did not seem as logical as other vacuums in our test.

It uses LIDAR as its navigation helper, but it seems to mostly bump and run, hitting things with its front bumper and then turning in another direction. It missed spots under tables, and never seemed fully comfortable navigating our test rooms.

Neato D8 navigation test

With that said, there was a certain satisfaction in watching it line up corners and then slowly bump into the wall.

It took the longest to clean the room, and even then, we just stopped the test after 73 minutes because it seemed that it was never going to go home.

In our obstacle recognition tests, we didn’t see much recognition at all. It ate socks and cables, and it didn’t seem to notice if objects were in its path. It was able to find its dock reasonably well.

Neato D8 docking station

Overall, it earned a 3 in our navigation test, so it wasn’t the lowest scoring vacuum, but it did not impress us.

Cleaning performance

In our cleaning performance tests, the Neato D8 did relatively well. It has strong suction, although the manufacturer does not reveal the pascal unit count.

The D8 has a unique D-shape with a flat front that allows it to reach into corners. It also has a side brush that rotates to help with cleaning edges. It also boasts the widest brush which allows it to clean more in one pass than other robots.

Neato corner cleaning test result

In our hard floor test, it did well on the corners, and it was the best to suck the flour up from the gaps in the floor, which demonstrates that it has high suction power. It wasn’t the best-in-test, but the results were strong.
Neato D8 flour test

It also did well in our carpet test, picking up both cat litter and pet hair with results near the top in both tests. What we observed is that it seems to clean very well when it moves slowly and deliberately, but then, for some reason, it starts moving faster and does not clean as well.

Neato D8 carpet test

The score for cleaning performance was a 4.5/5, which is excellent, and we think that the wide brush and powerful suction have a lot of potential.

Smart features

When it comes to smart features, the Neato D8 uses the Neato app that gives you access to cleaning schedules, and lets you customize cleaning features.

In our tests, the Neato was a bit lethargic in its movements, and the smart mapping feature works, but the robot struggled with navigating our space efficiently.

Neato app

The app itself is relatively easy to navigate and use, but it was not the best in our test. With the Neato app, you can set up cleaning schedules, start and stop the robot vacuum, and customize cleaning preferences such as cleaning mode and suction power. The app also allows you to view cleaning history and receive push notifications when the D8 completes a cleaning job or encounters an issue.

Overall, it earned a score of 3.5/5 for its smart features.

Ease of use

The Neato D8 was not the easiest vacuum in our test to operate.

Neatdo D8 parts

One issue is that to empty the dustbin, you have to remove the entire top panel. It all comes off and feels a bit clunky to empty. On the plus side, the dustbin was the largest in our test at 700ml.

It was also one of the loudest vacuums in our test reaching 81dB at the max setting and averaging around 76dB during cleaning. This is like a loud conversation, and you will definitely notice when it starts up sounding like a turbine.

Neatdo D8 LIDAR navigation

In our threshold test, it was able to clear 1cm, but that was it, so if you have higher thresholds you will have to move it from room to room.

In the ease of use category, the Neato D8 earned a 3.5/5.


While the Neato D8 does have an innovative shape and overall design, in our tests it did not do as well as we hoped. It has powerful suction, and we think there is potential, but it could be easier to use and navigate better. There are better robots to choose from that we tested – read about the best robot vacuums here.

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