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Roborock 7S Review

One of the most advanced robots in our test was the Roborock 7S which features a vibrating mop that can sense various floor types. With impressive cleaning power and smart features, it was one of the best vacuums in our test.

Roborock 7S test



  • Excellent mopping feature
  • Rubber brush cleans well and is easy to maintain
  • Good overall cleaning on various surfaces
  • Recognizes carpets


  • Loud when cleaning
  • Obstacle recognition could be much better

Roborock 7S Features & Specs

Category Value
Navigation type: LiDAR navigation
Suction power: 2500 Pa
Mopping feature: yes
Run time: 180 min
Charging time: 6 h
Side brushes: 1
HEPA filter: yes
Dustbin size: 470ml
Noise level: 67dB
Height: 96.5 mm
Compatibility with voice assistants: Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri
Wifi connection: 2.4GHz Wifi

Surprisingly, the newer generation 7S Roborock has a less robust navigation system than the 6S Max V (read the full robot vacuum test results here). It features a LiDAR navigation system, which maps the room well, but is not as good at detecting obstacles.

Roborock 7S LiDAR navigation system

We liked how methodically it navigated our test space. It easily found the perimeter of each room, and then systematically began cleaning with few chaotic movements. It is efficient, and it recognizes rugs and carpets, increasing suction when it needs to.

However, in our obstacle recognition tests, it did not avoid the socks or cables in its path. Instead, it just went over them and tried to suck them up. It does work on dark carpets and has good edge detection, so it won’t fall down, but you should expect to pick up obstacles or set no-go zones before cleaning.

Roborock 7S obstacle recognition test

The 7S earned a 4/5 in our navigation tests.

Cleaning performance

The 7S has 2500Pa of cleaning power, and it performed well in our tests.

In our hard floor tests, it was able to pull flour from the gaps in the floor and picked up a high percentage of cat litter demonstrating that it can clean very well. It did not do as well on the edges or the corners, but this was typical for most of our vacuums.

Roborock 7S hard floor test

In the carpet test, we saw that the rubber brush of the 7S did a decent job picking up cat litter and even pet hair. It was not the best in our test, but it did clean effectively.

Roborock 7S carpet test

One place the 7S shines is with the advanced mopping feature. It has a deep clean setting that allows you to just mop with no suction and the vibrating mop is able to remove stains and clean relatively well. We don’t think this can replace the occasional traditional mop, but it is great for keeping the floor clean.

Roborock 7S mopping test

We gave the Roborock 7S a 4.5/5 for its solid cleaning performance.

Smart features

The advanced 7S has an excellent app that is easy to use and offers lots of useful features.

The smart mapping features lets you see the robot as it moves through your home, and it did a great job finding different rooms and the map is clear and easy to read. It lets you set up no-go zones and schedule cleaning as you like.

Roborock S7 smart mapping

The app also shows the status of the vacuum and sends alerts and messages as needed.

We think that the Roborock smart features are quite good and rated it a 4.5/5.

Ease of use

The 7S is also easy to use and the maintenance is similar to the other vacuums in our test.

We like the rubber brush construction because it is easier to clean and it does not get tangled like the standard nylon-bristled brushes in most other vacuums. The dustbin is a bit small at 470ml, and emptying it does mean getting your hands a bit dirty.

Roborock 7S main parts

This vacuum is louder than others in our test with an average of 76dB, which is like a loud conversation.

In our threshold test, it was able to clear just the 1cm bar, which means that if you have higher thresholds, you will need to manually position the vacuum in different rooms.

It earned a total of 4/5 for ease of use.


In the end, we think the 7S is a very good robot vacuum, and it had the best mopping feature of any in our test. If you want a single vacuum that can keep you home clean that is reliable and easy to use, then this is a great option.

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