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Roomba i7+ Review

We went into our tests of the Roomba i7+ with high expectations because it is a top performer on other test sites and a highly rated and popular model. After all, the name “Roomba” is synonymous with robot vacuums. Overall, the Roomba performed well in our robot vacuum tests and comparisons, and we think it is a solid option for pet owners because of its unique double rubber brushes.

Roomba i7+ test



  • Double-rubber brush design is great for cleaning pet hair
  • Solid overall cleaning performance
  • Can climb over higher thresholds
  • App is easy to use


  • Does not avoid obstacles well
  • Takes time for it to learn how to navigate spaces

Roomba i7+ Features & Specs

Category Value
Navigation type: vSLAM
Suction power: 1800 Pa (estimated)
Mopping feature: No
Run time: 75 min
Charging time: 3 h 
Side brushes: 1
HEPA filter: yes
Dustbin size: 400ml
Noise level: 68dB
Height of the device: 93 mm (without the emptying station)
Compatibility with voice assistants: Alexa, Google Assistant
Wifi connection: 2.4 GHz Wifi

The Roomba i7 relies on vSlam technology with an odometry algorithm to help it find its way around your home as it cleans and creates a map.

In our full test where we let it loose to clean 3 rooms with a variety of obstacles and surfaces, it did not fare very well. It missed a few spots, and the pattern of cleaning seemed more random than higher scoring robots in our test. We chalk this up to the fact that it learns as it goes, and will perform better and better once it creates a map of the space. But out of the box, you should be patient.

iRobot i7 Roomba_under_couch

One thing it does well is that it moves quickly and with confidence, and it was able to clean our carpet without any hesitation, whereas other robots were confused by the black rug.

In our obstacle recognition tests, it did not do very well. It doesn’t seem to “see” anything, but rather just pushed around socks, cables, and anything else that was in its path. The good news is that these obstacles didn’t stop its progress as it tried to keep cleaning. But if you use this in your home, you will want to set up no-go zones, and pick up a bit before cleaning.

The final score for navigation was a 4 out of 5, which puts it in the middle of the pack in this category.

Cleaning performance

In our cleaning performance tests, the Roomba i7+ did quite well, ranking as one of the better vacuums, especially when it comes to carpets and pet hair. It has a rating of 1800Pa of suction, and while this is a low power rating, it is still able to clean well thanks to its innovative double-rubber brush design.

iRobot i7 Roomba bottom

In our hard floor test, the Roomba had a bit of trouble navigating our test space, but in the places it cleaned, it performed very well, removing flour from gaps in the wood.

The Roomba also did well in the carpet test. We noted that it has an effective spot cleaning setting that went over the carpet 3 times. It was able to clean up almost all of the pet hair, and it also picked up the coins from the carpet which shows that it has a powerful cleaning effect.

Roomba i7 carpet test

In our tests, it scored a 4.5/5 putting it near the top of the group.

Smart features

The Roomba app is easy to install and relatively intuitive to navigate.

iRobot i7 Roomba app

In our test, we saw that it was easy to install and relatively intuitive to use. However, it does not allow for live mapping where you can see where it is going as it cleans. The map is created after it is finished, and it improves each time. You can set up virtual no-go zones to keep it from going where you don’t want it to go.

Other features of the app allow you to schedule cleaning time and customize cleaning preferences.

We gave it a 4.5/5 in the smart features category.

Ease of use

Our model was the i7+, and the plus means that it came with an auto-emptying station. With the station, the Roomba emptied itself after each cleaning, but the station was quite loud operating at over 80 decibels. The vacuum itself was relatively quiet at about 70dB, the volume of a conversation.

iRobot i7 Roomba with emptying station

The dustbin was the smallest in our tests, and you do need to pull it out and empty it with your hands after each cleaning, if you don’t opt for the cleaning station. Maintenance for the Roomba is similar to other vacuum models, and replacement parts are readily available.

The i7+ demonstrated that it can overcome 2cm thresholds, and it came very close to making it over a 3cm obstacle. The motor is powerful, and it moves quickly and with purpose.

iRobot i7 roomba controls

Overall it earned a 4/5 in the ease of use category.


The Roomba i7+ is our pick for the best vacuum for pet hair. The double-rubber rollers were able to pick up almost all the pet hair in our test while staying clean with no tangles. It does not have the best obstacle recognition, but it cleans very well.

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