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Swiss Diamond XD Frying Pan Review

The Swiss Diamond XD Induction (24 cm) pan is just about the perfect frying pan. It scored the highest overall in our nonstick frying pan tests, and nothing we threw at this pan gave it any trouble.

We tested this pan on gas, electric, and induction hobs, and it got the highest grades in all tests. It was our premium pick for all pans and the winner in our induction tests.

From burning sugar to perfectly seared salmon, this pan survived all of our tests and excelled in almost every area. We were most impressed with the durable and incredibly slick nonstick coating. It was the best-in-test whether we cooked eggs, pancakes, bacon, rice or anything else. It is also perfectly flat and super stable on any hob. While other pans showed temperature fluctuations during our cooking tests, this pan was as stable and even as can be.

The few drawbacks of this pan are that it is a bit shallow for making stir-fries and other dishes that require a deeper pan. We would like to see steel handles available in this price range. We do like the comfortable and safe handle, but for a premium pan like this, a metal handle would be nice.


  • Incredible nonstick surface
  • Comfortable safe handle
  • Very even and steady heating
  • Well-balanced
  • Durable coating
  • Great on induction


  • Sides are a bit steep and shallow
  • Only plastic handles available
  • Expensive for nonstick

TestHut’s verdict

The pan is expensive, especially for a nonstick pan that will eventually wear out. But if you want the best nonstick cooking experience, then we highly recommend the Swiss Diamond XD series.


Features & Specs

Category Value
Size 24 cm
Weight Cast Aluminum
Material 1.1kg
Coating Swiss Diamond XD (PTFE)
Handle Bakelite
Dishwasher safe Yes (not recommended)
Metal utensils Not recommended
Oven Safe Yes up to 260°C
Hobs Gas, electric, ceramic, induction

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