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Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro Review

Our pick for the best budget robot vacuum in our comparison is the Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro which performed better than expected in most of our tests. This vacuum offers impressive features and cleans well at a great price.

Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro test



  • Easy to use app and good smart features
  • Relatively quiet
  • Includes a mop
  • Navigates well from room to room


  • Does not avoid obstacles very well
  • It could be more powerful
  • Not great for pet hair

Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro Features & Specs

Category Value
Navigation type: LDS Laser Navigation System
Suction power: 2100Pa
Mopping feature: yes
Run time: 110 min
Charging time: 3 h
Side brushes: 1
HEPA filter: yes
Dustbin size: 550ml
Noise level: 70dB
Height of the device: 81.5 mm
Compatibility with voice assistants: Alexa
Wifi connection: 2.4 GHz Wifi

The Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro boasts both an LDS laser navigation system as well as a SLAM algorithm that help it move efficiently through spaces to clean them efficiently while avoiding larger obstacles.

Xiaomi mop pro Navigation

In our test to determine the best robot vacuum, the Xiaomi did well to progress from room to room, and it was able to systematically avoid obstacles like tables and chairs. It did get confused by our higher carpets in the test room, and it only cleaned around them.

Xiaomi mi mop pro obstacle recognition test

As for obstacle recognition, you really will need to pick up before letting the Xiaomi loose. It was unable to avoid socks, and it avoided dark carpets as if they were edges that it might fall off.

Cleaning performance

The Mi Mop Pro finished our tests with average cleaning performance. It has a claimed 2100Pa of suction power and a single side brush that helps to clean up debris.

It did relatively well in our hard surface cleaning tests. We observed it leaving behind flour and other debris in the same way that other models did, but the Xiaomi did better cleaning around the edges than others.

Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro hard surface cleaning test

In our test with medium-thickness carpet where we wanted to see how well it handled dirt and hair its performance was less impressive. The Xiaomi struggled to pick up smaller pieces of cat litter from the carpet, and it left a lot of pet hair, moving it around rather than sucking it up.

Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro pet hair test

Now the Mi Mop Pro does include a mop, as the name would suggest, and in our tests it performed about as well as other models with mops. It was able to remove stains, but left residue behind, and the pad needed to be wetted for it to clean at all. The microfibre pad is reusable and does keep the floor from getting too wet as it cleans.

Xiaomi mi mop pro mopping test

Our overall score for cleaning performance was a 3.5/5 which puts it at the bottom of the pack. But since all of our choices did a relatively good job of cleaning, it will still do a decent job in most situations.

Smart features

Like most Xiaomi electronics, the Mi Mop Pro uses the Xiaomi Home App which offers useful features that are relatively easy to use and access.

Xiaomi Mi Mop pro Xiaomi Home App

The smart mapping feature is straight forward, and you can watch as the Mi Mop progresses through rooms and maps. It does not offer much customization for different rooms, but it is easy to set up restricted areas and no-go zones.

The app is quite usable and is intuitive to use. It allows you to access cleaning modes and settings with the touch of a button, and setting it up takes just a minute or 2.

We scored it 4.5/5 for its smart features.

Ease of use

Another highpoint of the Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro is that it is very easy to use and takes little maintenance to keep it performing.

Xiaomi Mop pro main parts

It has a large 550ml dustbin that is easy to access and empty. It has a door like the Roborocks, and so you do need to remember how to open and empty it manually. It is easy to keep clean and maintain the moving parts, but the app does not have a menu to show you what percentage of life the parts have left as other models do.

It earned a top score for being one of the quieter vacuums in our test with a relatively high average of 70dB, but it never gets much louder than this, and it is about as loud as quiet traffic from inside a car. It is quite tolerable.

Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro controls

As far as overcoming thresholds, the Xiaomi was the best-in-test being able to clear our 3cm obstacle which few other vacuums could do, so it will be able to navigate most homes without getting stuck.

It earned a 4.5/5 for the Ease of use category.


The Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro is our pick for best budget robot vacuum. It offers all the features of our top models, but at a much lower starting price. It does not clean as well as our top performers, but we think it does a good enough job to keep your home tidy.

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